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Instructions for
“What Matters Most?”

The Whole Measures online tool assesses the impacts of your organization’s or group’s work against several sets of value-based practices. In order to help you understand how important and relevant the different sets of value-based practices are to your work, we ask you to start by ranking these sets of practices.   

After you rank the sets of practices, you will move through the survey and evaluate your performance in these practices in the priority you gave the sets of practices on this page (i.e., from most to least important). In addition, your ranking results will be collected along with those of other members participating in your assessment and included in a final summary report. The intent is to provide information that can promote a dialogue around what matters most and why to different members of your team, group or organization.

Whenever you wish to view the sets of practices in the order you have ranked them, you can click “View My Rankings”.  This will rearrange your list without saving your rankings. When you’re ready to save your rankings and move on to the assessment portion of the tool, click “Save and Continue”