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Welcome, and thank you for your interest
in using Whole Measures!

Thanks to the generous support from many lead funders, there is no charge for you to use Whole Measures. However, we do ask that you agree to become part of our larger learning community so that we can continue to adjust and improve the tool. We may ask you to share with us your experiences with using the guide, feedback on how to improve Whole Measures, and the different ways it has had an impact on your work, organization and/or community.

To initiate the process for using Whole Measures, we ask that you complete the form below and submit it to Center for Whole Communities. After we receive your request, one of two things will happen. You may receive an e-mail response from us with further instructions for setting up and activating your customized Whole Measures and suggestions for using this online version.

Or, someone from the Center may be in touch with you by phone or e-mail to further clarify your interest in Whole Measures, how you intend to use it and how we can best structure your process for using Whole Measures in a way that will achieve your goals and enhance the benefits you and others receive from it..

In either case, once we receive this additional information, your Whole Measures will be activated and the different people from your organization, group and/or community participating with you in using Whole Measures will be invited to start using the guide.

Still have some questions? Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to talk with you further about Whole Measures, the registration process or any other aspects of using the tool.

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Note: If you are already registered and you would like to start a new project, please login, select an existing project from the menu, then choose "Add New Project" from the next menu.

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Customization of Whole Measures requires consultation with Center for Whole Communities and additional time to make any changes to the tool. If you would like to continue with this option, we will be back in touch with you as soon as we can to discuss your interests in adjusting the tool to your particular needs and situation. Please select which sets of value-based practices you would like to include in your evaluation: